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 Concession Telephone Service (CTS)

As a Verizon retiree, you may be eligible for CTS if you were eligible for it as an active employee. To verify your eligibility for CTS, contact the Telephone Concession Service Center at HealthSmart (formerly Wells Fargo Third Party Administrator) at 800-898-3886.

If Verizon services are available, you must subscribe to them to receive the benefit, and the name on the account must reflect your name as it appears in Verizon employee records.

The following products and services are not eligible for concession:

  • Packages that include long distance services, ineligible calling features and/or internet service such as Verizon Freedom
  • FiOS bundled services
  • DSL
  • Direct TV
  • 911 fees
  • Wireless

Reimbursement is applied directly to your bill if you receive service from the Verizon company from which you retired. Otherwise, you will need to pay the bill and submit it to the Telephone Concession Service Center for reimbursement as follows:

Telephone Concession Service Center
P. O. Box 2911
Charleston, WV 25331-2911

Former GTE retirees will receive their reimbursements  in January, April, July and October; former Bell Atlantic retirees will receive reimbursement monthly.

To make changes to or enroll in direct deposit, contact the Telephone Concession Service Center at

You can also contact the Telephone Concession Service Center via email at AskCTS@HealthSmart.com