Powerful Answers Award

Your idea has the power to change the world

A good idea can come from anywhere. We believe good ideas combined with powerful technology can help solve the world’s biggest problems.

The Powerful Answers Award is a multi-million dollar challenge to entrepreneurs, companies and thinkers worldwide to provide innovative solutions in Education, Healthcare, Sustainability, and Transportation.

The 2014 challenge is currently in progress & has completed open submissions. Sign up for updates to stay tuned.


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Millions of dollars in prizes:

Winner: $1,000,000
1 winner per category

Runner-Up: $250,000
2 runners up per category

Contest Details

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  • Education

    With the advancement of mobile, cloud, and other enabling technologies, how can education become more accessible, collaborative and engaging?

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  • Healthcare

    How can information get to patients and doctors faster for better diagnosis, treatment and usable outputs for better wellness and health?

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  • Sustainability

    Technology can help industries run faster, cleaner and better while reducing energy usage. How can we all live smarter?

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  • Transportation

    How can technology find better, more efficient ways to reduce the complexities of transport and distribution in the physical world?

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2013 Winning Answers

Tiny Tap

Turn your photos into free educational games and books, and share them with the world.

Winner: Yogev Shelly


Diagnose your vision with a single snapshot, using a pocket-sized device and your smartphone.

Winner: Yaopeng Zhou


Create an investment platform that connects supporters to energy projects in need of financing, and generates returns with interest.

Winner: Billy Parish

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