Verizon Powerful Answers Award 2013

One Life-Changing Competition. 15 World‑Changing Ideas.

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The Powerful Answers Award was held as an open-call competition for individuals and companies with the most innovative and empowering solutions, utilizing Verizon’s unique combination of technologies, in the key areas of healthcare, education and sustainability.

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Meet the 2013 Winners


Yogev Shelly

Answer: Turn your photos into free educational games and books, and share them with the world.


Yaopeng Zhou

Answer: Diagnose your vision with a single snapshot, using a pocket-sized device and your smartphone.


Billy Parish

Answer: Create an investment platform that connects supporters to energy projects in need of financing, and generates returns with interest.

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Congratulations to all the award finalists
  • Education


    • 2nd Place: Zapitalism
    • 3rd Place: BridgingApps
    • 4th Place: WebTeam Corporation
    • 5th Place: WomenLEAD
  • Healthcare


    • 2nd Place: Seratis
    • 3rd Place: Freenome
    • 4th Place: Solar Ear
    • 5th Place: Factor14
  • Sustainability


    • 2nd Place: Good360
    • 3rd Place: Bandwagon
    • 4th Place: Smartster
    • 5th Place: Semios