80% of jobs in the next decade will require technology skills.

Verizon is inspiring young minds to get involved with STEM and build a brighter future.

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Not enough girls are encouraged to pursue their love of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). But there are actions we can take to reverse the trend. Explore the changes that can make a big difference.

Women Making Science

"If any ounce of you wants to do science, it's your duty to do it."

Robyn Beaver Sustainability Pioneer

As a civil engineer who works on environmental sustainability projects, Robyn helps companies grow their businesses, while they nourish the environment. More from Robyn.

"There's nothing too complicated for me or anyone out there."

Anne Wojcicki Co-Founder & CEO, 23AndMe

Anne talks about how she grew a love for science despite not being the best at it and how she believes everybody can understand science and contribute to changing the face of research. More from Anne.

"Physics was considered a class for the boys."

France Córdova First Female Chief Scientist at NASA

France discusses her moon landing epiphany, solving the big questions at NASA, and female role models in science. More from France.

Women Making Technology

"If you haven’t failed yet, you haven't tried anything."

Reshma Saujani Founder, Girls Who Code

Reshma talks about her parents' inspiration and what it was about risk and failure that made her want to start Girls Who Code. More from Reshma.

"I want to be this technology leader that's creating amazing technology."

Susan Wojcicki Chief of Advertising at Google

The turning point in Susan's career came after changing her career path to computer science and renting her garage to Google's founders. More from Susan.

"Art and technology infiltrates every aspect of my life."

Julia Kaganskiy Digital Editor

Julia shares her path from Russian immigrant to becoming a leader in art and technology. More from Julia.

Women Making Engineering

"You have to really shout to get your voice heard."

Marika Shioiri-Clark Architect

Marika uses design to empower social change, discusses her work in Rwanda, designing a hospital in collaboration with Partners in Health. More from Marika.

"I knew if that project was built it would help people."

Maya Lin Artist, Architect & Memorial Designer

Maya's work includes large art installations, intimate studio works and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Washington DC's National Mall. More from Maya.

"So many girls out there have talent in science and technology and math."

Nicki Palmer Chief Network Officer for Verizon Wireless

Nicki talks about her father's influence on her decision to get into engineering and what it's like being a woman in a male-dominated field.

Women Making Math

"They were going to the moon. I computed the path to get there."

Katherine G. Johnson NASA Mathematician

Katherine talks about her love for math and how she calculated many of NASA's trips into space, including the first human mission to the moon. More from Katherine.

"I was creating something no one had ever done before."

Muriel Siebert First Lady of Wall Street

Siebert talks about being a first on Wall Street, her male colleagues, and women in finance today. More from Muriel.

"I was in love with numbers from the first time I can remember."

Shirley Tilghman Molecular Biologist & President of Princeton

Shirley explains how her father inspired her love for math and science by reading her math puzzles before bed instead of books. More from Shirley.

Women hold less than 25% of our country's STEM jobs.

Working together, let's encourage more girls to pursue careers that solve the immense challenges of our future.

Make An Impact

What we say makes a difference. Inspire more kids to get involved with STEM.

Get More Girls Involved With STEM

The greatest opportunities in the future will be high-tech jobs in STEM fields. But we're lagging behind the rest of the world, currently ranked 36th in math and 28th in science.

The Verizon Foundation is committed to helping parents and teachers inspire more girls to get involved with STEM. Check out some of the ways you can bring STEM subjects to your community and learn more about the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program.

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Motivate kids to choose their own path. Selection by Dr. Jen Hartstein.

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