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Suppliers are critical to the success of our business and the customers we support.  Verizon relies on its suppliers to provide the products and services we need to deliver high growth communications services to our customers when they need them, and at a price they can afford.

Verizon awards business to suppliers based on a competitive procurement process, focusing on continuous improvement in technologies, practices, quality, service and total cost.  The Strategic Sourcing Organization manages the acquisition of products and services, and serves as the primary interface to our internal organizations for all supplier interactions.

We have been working and continue to work on evolving our Supplier Interface to be a robust point of entry for current and potential suppliers for online identification, and for access to business critical information.  If you are a supplier interested in potential opportunities within Verizon, you may register by clicking here.  Please see FAQ for questions regarding this process.

You may access key links from our Supplier Interface now.  If you are one of Verizon's suppliers currently registered to this site, you may click on Sign In to access your supplier applications, or if you are new to this site, you may click on Register to request access to available applications.

Contractual Requirements for Suppliers

Several Verizon guidelines and contractual requirements documents are available for review on this site:

  • Authorized Vendor Brand Requirements
  • Background Check Requirements for Suppliers
  • Diversity Requirements for Suppliers
  • General Information Security Requirements for Suppliers
  • International Data Processing Exhibit
  • International Freight Routing Guide
  • Quality Standards and Procedures and Complaints
  • Reimbursable Expense Guidelines for Suppliers
  • Sustainability
  • Training Terms and Standards
  • Transportation and Routing Instructions and Requirements for the United States

Sign In   to review these documents or if you are new to this site, please click on Register and request access to the Ariba 1Sourcing (vSource) application.

Verizon Licensee Community

Verizon is pleased to announce the roll out of vLicense.

Verizon licensing systems and processes have been revamped to meet the increasing demand for leased space on our pole and conduit infrastructure. Verizon has developed a robust customer facing portal and tied it to our internal licensing database, which together make up vLicense.

Here are just some of the benefits our licensing customers will see:

  • Reduced turn around times.

  • Easy access to Verizon personnel and information.

  • Streamlined access to project status updates.

  • Fast and efficient two way communications.

  • Simplified initiation of agreements and license requests.

  • Robust access to billing and payment information.

  • On line payment and more.
  • vLicense may be accessed through this portal.  If you have already registered and received approval to access vLicense,  please click on Sign In to access your account.  If you are new to this site, please click on Register to request access to vLicense.

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