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Supplier Recognition Program
is proud to announce the recipients of its 2011 Supplier Recognition Awards!
Click here to see the 2011 Supplier Recognition Program (SRP) Award Winners.


Verizon's Annual Supplier Summit and Recognition Program were held Tuesday, March 27, 2012 in  Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  This year's program was hosted within Verizon's 3rd Annual Supplier Summit 
(an invitation-only event for Verizon's top suppliers). SCS transformed its Supplier Recognition Program by  creating the Summit, which expanded the focus beyond recognition to include strategy.   Leaders
from every business group within Verizon, shared strategies, goals and expectations for 2012.  The 2012  Supplier Recognition Program (SRP) recognized those suppliers of products and services who
exhibited outstanding performance during 2011. Verizon's SRP program is a corporate-wide program  facilitated by Verizon's Supply Chain Services' Supplier Relations Management and Quality
organization for which nominees are sought from all lines of business within Verizon.  

The program is an independent variable that serves as a motivator for suppliers to not only meet their performance objectives but exceed them.  This allows Verizon to provide our customers
 with exceptional service.
Supplier awards were presented this year in ten (10) categories.
  • Network Products
  • Network Services
  • IT Products
  • IT Services
  • Marketing
  • Services
  • Wireless
  • Supplier Diversity Excellence
  • Top MWDVBE
  • Top Small Business
Verizon organizations were invited to submit nominations for the supplier award categories with the following criteria.
  • Valid contract in force for the program year with expectations for a future business relationship.
  • No performance failures, default conditions or penalties in the program year.
  • Adherence to Corporate Compliance and Safety guidelines during the program year.
  • Describe in a performance narrative, not to exceed 500 words, how the supplier's 2011 performance aligned with at least one or more of the Evaluative Concepts as follows: 1) Technical Innovation; 2) Customer Service; 3) Product/Service Performance;4) Creative Cost Management Solutions; and 5) Supplier Diversity.
  • Performance Highlights were also key in determining the winners of the Supplier Recognition Awards, including but not limited to Impact on Key Corporate/Organizational Initatives, Revenue Generation, TL 9000 or ISO 9000 registration and other Quality recognition.
  • Verizon's Supply Chain Services organization reviewed all nominations to ensure the nominees met the established criteria and developed a list of recommended award recipients.

Here are the performance highlights for each of 's 2011 Suppliers of Excellence!
Click here to see the Supplier Recognition Award Highlights.

Prior to the official selection of the winners, concurrence was sought and obtained from Verizon's senior management and the Legal organization.  The 2011 award recipients were presented with award plaques.
Additional information regarding the Supplier Recognition Program may be obtained by contacting:

  Phone Email
Annie Forrester 916-357-3848
Floyd V. Williams 972-718-3723