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Gmail for Business

Gmail for Business is an enhanced version of Google’s popular Gmail service that provides enterprise-grade performance, security, and functionality for any size organization.

Google Apps' Gmail for Business includes these features to help administrators manage access to Gmail for Business and the flow of email for their organizations:

  • Use Email Whitelist to specify IP addresses from which your users expect to receive legitimate email. Messages from addresses on your whitelist won't be marked as spam.
  • Specify where inbound messages are delivered. You can route messages to a catch-all address or another mail server.
  • Use an SMTP server as an inbound gateway to route inbound messages to users at your domain, for purposes such as archiving, filtering, monitoring, and compliance.
  • Route outbound messages through an outbound gateway from users at your domain to an SMTP server for purposes such as archiving, filtering, monitoring, and compliance.
  • Use outbound relay to Allow users to send outbound messages with a different "from" address, through an external SMTP server on which they have an account.

Setting up Gmail for Business
How do I begin?
Gmail features for administrators
Enable your Gmail for Business service
Add users
Configure email delivery
Create a custom web address

Advanced Configuration
Email retention
Catch-all address
Email whitelist or blacklist
SPF records
Verify forwarding addresses
Sending mail from a printer or scanner
Email disclaimer or compliance footer
Email Settings API
Postini services
Disable your Email service

Enabling User Options
Gmail options for users
Gmail Labs
Offline Gmail for Business
Gmail signatures
IMAP and POP access
Gmail Priority Inbox

Migrating Email
Email migration options
Migrate from Microsoft Exchange
IMAP mail migration
Email Migration API
Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes
Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®
Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange
Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook®

Avoid bounced messages after changing MX records
Error message - You can't send mail yet
Can't receive mail from a web form
Email addresses rewritten - user@ghs.google.com

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