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Google Calendar

Google Apps calendar is a web-based calendar application that enables you to collaborate with colleagues while minimizing costs. This application is integrated into Gmail and can be shared company-wide or with select co-workers. A range of sharing permission controls help maintain security and privacy.

Calendar Features
Calendar features for administrators

Setting up Calendars
Set Calendar sharing options
Delegate calendar access
Enable Google Sync for mobile devices
Create a custom web address

Managing Resources (Rooms, etc.)
Create and name resources
Manage calendar resources
Share calendar resources
Get resource notifications
Add resources to an event

Calendar FAQs for Administrators
Can I recover deleted events?
Why are user Calendars in 'My Calendars' list?
How do I handle multiple time zones?

Migrating and Syncing Calendars
Compare Calendar Migration Options
Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange
Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook
Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes
Google Calendar Connector for Lotus Notes

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