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FiOS Internet

Set up your email software with your Verizon email account settings

Get help setting up your Verizon Online Email account in email software. Select to set up your email software automatically or use step-by-step instructions.

For AOL email support click here.

Please Note: Verizon has recently updated our email client settings to improve security. Please review the settings below to verify that your email software client (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) has the most recent configuration.


Before you begin:

You'll need the following email settings:

  • Incoming mail server (POP3): pop.verizon.net
  • Incoming Server Port Numbers: 995
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.verizon.net
  • Outgoing Server Port Numbers: 465  Why is this important?
  • Make sure SSL encryption is enabled for the incoming and outgoing mail server.
  • For more email and remote access configuration options see Verizon Online Email Settings


Note: If you are an HSI (DSL) customer with a Westell or Actiontec modem (except Actiontec GT784WG) and using its firewall, you may need to turn your firewall settings to ‘Low’ for new email settings to work.


Try an Automatic Solution

Manage email settings and fix email issues fast with Verizon Troubleshooter.


Automatically set up or update Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or select mobile devices (Android phones, Apple IPad, Apple IPhone, Apple IPod Touch) with your Verizon Online Email:


Use Step-by-Step Instructions for account setups and updates

If your email software is not listed here, please refer to your software documentation for instructions.

Select your email software:


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