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My Email is Not Working  (Webmail)

For AOL email support click here.

There are several reasons your email may not be working. Review the following scenarios and solutions below.


Is your Email Software not working?





I can't send or receive email

Most issues can be solved by answering a few questions:



I can view email in Outlook but not in Webmail

Your Outlook email settings may be setup to automatically remove email from the Verizon server once you download and view email in Outlook. Anytime you open email messages, they are downloaded to that computer, removed from the Verizon server -- and not accessible from any other computer or via the Web.


Step-by-Step Solution

Learn more about setting up email software to view emails in Outlook and Webmail.




I can't sign in or access my email

There are several possible solutions for sign-in or access issues.

Is your Email timing out or did you get a 404 error? Try refreshing the screen or closing and reopening the browser. This solves most 404 or time-out errors. Also select the "Keep me signed in" checkbox on the My Verizon sign-in screen. Checking this checkbox keeps the email session active for up to two weeks.



Other common email issues

I need help with deleted emails

Need help importing an old email account

How to import an email account (and Contacts) in Classic Webmail:

  • Go to ‘Mail’ settings
  • Select the ‘POP’ tab, and click on ‘Add new POP account’ and enter the required information.

Once setup, you can retrieve your POP email by selecting the “get Pop Mail” option on the “Check Mail” dropdown in the top left corner of the screen.

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