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FiOS Internet

How does VISS Identity Protection work?

Identity Protection is provided by the Firewall and Verizon SiteAdvisor Powered by McAfee. Firewall protections include blocking unknown computers and IP addresses from accessing your network.  Verizon SiteAdvisor Powered by McAfee helps protect you from online fraud by alerting you when you attempt to access a potentially fraudulent website, such as phishing sites. Phishing sites pretend to represent legitimate companies and attempt to solicit personal and financial information.


What is Verizon SiteAdvisor Powered by McAfee?
Verizon SiteAdvisor provides safe surfing and searching by adding safety ratings to sites and search engine results based on comprehensive spam, adware, and online scam safety tests.  Simple indicators of green (safe), yellow (caution) and red (stop) alert users to potentially harmful websites.

SiteAdvisor uses many mechanisms to protect users while accessing web sites on the Internet, by continuously testing web sites for the following:

  • Adware, Trojans and Viruses
  • Spam and harmful information practices
  • Browser exploits
  • Web Site vulnerabilities
  • Phishing and other scams
  • Potentially harmful links or pop-ups
  • Community input

Verizon SiteAdvisor Powered by McAfee is automatically installed when you order and install VISS.   When browsing web sites you will see the green/yellow/red indicator in the tool bar. When you access search pages, you will see green/yellow/red indicators next to each link returned in the search. By rolling your cursor over a SiteAdvisor green/yellow/red indicator, you are provided additional information about McAfee testing results for a particular web site.


For ordering and troubleshooting information, visit VISS General Support



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