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FiOS Internet

What Happens During Fios Installation? Verizon Fios Internet Service installation is a two-step process. To ensure a fast and trouble-free installation, please review the Get Ready checklist prior to your installation day.

Someone over the age of 18 must be present during installation. The installation time can vary depending upon equipment that may already be present. If an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is present, average installation times are 2.5 to 4 hours. If there is no ONT, installation can take between 4 to 6 hours. Note: the Verizon Technician may not arrive within the first hour of the appointment due to pre-work.

Drilling may be required, and our skilled technician will work with you on the proper placement.  Landlord permission is also required if you do not own the property.

1 - Bringing fiber to your home
After you place your Fios order, we will install a fiber optic line to your home. Generally, installation involves either aerial or underground work, and depends on how previous utilities were delivered to your home. You typically do not need to be present for this part of installation.
  • Aerial installation
    Figure depicting Aerial Service
    With an aerial installation, Verizon will install the fiber optic line from a telephone pole to the side of your home. Later, an ONT will be installed inside the home.

    Note: Sometimes aerial installations are performed the same day of your scheduled installation appointment.

  • Underground installation
    Figure depicting Underground Service
    With an underground installation, Verizon will contact the utility companies in your area to locate their services. Next a Verizon crew will dig a trench and bury the fiber from the Fiber Terminal in your neighborhood to the entry location at your home. This work is typically done 24-48 hours prior to your installation appointment.

    Note: Please mark your sprinkler system or any other obstacles that may be buried in your yard. This helps ensure that no damage occurs during installation.
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