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FiOS Internet

 Step 4: Configuring the wireless security settings on your Actiontec router
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Creating an Actiontec MI424WR wireless network with a FiOS connection

Security is an important issue when using a wireless home network. Because radio waves are used to transfer information between your networked computers, it's possible for hackers to intercept this information. Taking advantage of the security features built into your Actiontec router can make it more difficult for hackers to access your personal information.

Your Actiontec MI424WR router comes with an assigned ESSID (may also be called SSID) and WEP encryption key to make installation easier and provide immediate protection for your home network.Review the type of data stored on your network computers to determine the level of protection you need. Regardless of the level of security protection you choose, it's very important to periodically change your security settings. It should be considered a normal maintenance task.

Note: The Actiontec security screens and prompts may vary slightly from the directions below, depending on when you purchased your Actiontec router and the version of the firmware loaded on it.

To update your Actiontec security settings to provide increased protection:

  1. Open your Web browser and enter in the Address field.

  2. Figure depicting Address field in Internet Explorer

  3. Depending on when you purchased your router and the version of firmware it's running, the directions for updating your security settings vary slightly. Please click the login screen that matches what you see.

Figure depicting original login screenFigure depicting Login screen for updated firmware

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