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FiOS Internet

Setting up the PlayStation2 Network Adapter To set up the PlayStation2, you must first install the network adapter according to the instructions found in the Installation Guide. Once you have installed the network adapter, you are ready to begin the Internet Service Provider setup process.

  1. Turn on the PlayStation2 and load the Network Adapter Startup Disk. Once the startup disk is loaded, press X to enter the ISP Setup. The ISP Setup will begins to load.
  2. Once the ISP Setup has loaded, press X to continue. Your PlayStation will search for the network adapter.

  3. After the network adapter has been found, press X to continue.

  4. Press X again to continue. Wait while the data is accessed.

  5. Select New and then press X to continue.
Need additional help?

PlayStation2 product support is outside the normal Verizon Support boundaries, but additional information is available through:

1)Verizon Premium Technical Support

2)Verizon Forums

3)The manufacturer of your game console
  1. Type a name for your ISP setting. For example, you could type "Verizon" or any name you want to associate with your connection.

  2. When asked if you currently subscribe to an ISP service, select YES and press X to continue.
  3. For connection type, choose High-Speed Connection (Cable or DSL) and press X to continue.
  4. Select Automatic Settings and press X to continue.
  5. When asked if your ISP requires a User ID and Password, select No and press X to continue.
  6. When asked if your Internet Service Provider requires you to input a DHCP Host Name, select NO and press X to continue. Wait while your network connection is tested.
  7. Once the network connection test is successful, press X to save the configuration to your memory card. Your configuration information is saved to your memory card. It's important that you do not remove your network card while the information is being saved.
  8. Press X to return to the main menu.
  9. To test out your connection you can choose DEMOS and press X to continue.

  10. Follow the onscreen-instructions on the screen to play an online game demo.

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