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FiOS Internet

Connecting your Xbox™ Console to a Wireless Router
Before you begin: You’ll need your SSID, encryption key and Security Key Type (WPA or WEP). You can obtain this information one of three ways:
  • Review the sticker on the back of your router. The sticker displays the SSID and encryption key information. By default routers are configured as WPA. You may have to choose WEP if the device you wish to connect is not accepting WPA mode.

  • Use In-Home Agent to view your settings: You can access In-Home Agent on a PC that is already connected to Verizon Online. Within In-Home Agent, go to the Networking tab and select Retrieve SSID and WEP/WPA key.

  • Log in to your router from a PC already connected to your FiOS network. The instructions you follow depend on the type of router you use to connect to Verizon FiOS.
Need additional help?

Xbox product support is outside the normal Verizon Support boundaries, but additional information is available through:

1)Verizon Premium Technical Support

2)Verizon Forums

3)The manufacturer of your game console

To connect your Xbox to a wireless network:

  1. To open the management console, type into the address bar of your web browser.
  2. Enter the router username and password. If the username and password has never been changed, then the default login is:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: password

  3. Select Wireless Settings from the router console. Write down the SSID and WEP key (they'll be needed later).
    • Note: Before a computer can connect to the router through a wireless signal, it must be configured with the appropriate SSID and WEP key.
  4. From the Xbox Dashboard, select Settings and then select Network Settings.
  5. Click Advanced, and then click Wireless.
  6. From the Wireless Status screen, select Settings.
  7. The router can be configured to either broadcast or not broadcast its SSID.
    • If your router is configured to broadcast its SSID
      • From the list of SSIDs in the Select Network screen, select the SSID that you wrote down in step 3.
    • If your router is not configured to broadcast its SSID
      • Select OTHER from the list on the Select Network screen. Then use the Xbox Dashboard virtual keyboard to enter the SSID that you wrote down in step 3.

  8. From the Wireless Settings screen, select Network Mode as Infrastructure. Then select Security Type and configure the Xbox Compatible wireless bridge with the same security settings (NONE, 64-bit WEP, or 128-bit WEP) as the wireless router.
  9. Press A to save the new settings, and then press B to go back.
  10. From the Wireless Status screen, check that your Xbox console is connected to the network name (SSID) specified in step 3. Press B twice to go back.
  11. From the Network Settings screen, select Connect.
  12. From the Connect Status screen, verify that the Xbox console is connected.

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