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FiOS Internet

Manually connecting a netbook to an wireless network using Windows XP The easiest way to connect your netbook computer to your wireless home network is to let In Home Agent do the work for you. This requires an Ethernet cable to connect your netbook computer to your router. If you don't have an extra Ethernet cable, you can still connect your netbook computer to your wireless home network, but you must do it manually, as described below. 
  1. Click Start in the lower-left Taskbar.

  2. Click All Programs, and then select Accessories, Communications, and Network Connections.

  3. Network Connections

  4. Right click on your wireless network connection in the Network Connections window. Select View available wireless networks. If only one wireless network displays or if you're certain which wireless network is yours, you can skip to Step 5. [Show Me]

  5. Look for your network's 5-digit SSID and the WEP key information on your router. Most of the latest Verizon routers and gateways have a label with this information printed on it. [Show Me]

    • If you don't remember your SSID or WEP key information or if you have changed your network's SSID or WEP key, you can use the router's configuration utility to find it.

  6. Select your wireless network from the list and click Connect.

    Select your wireless network

  7. Enter your wireless network's WEP encryption key when you are prompted. [Show Me]

  8. You can confirm that your netbook is connected to the network and the Internet by opening a Web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Enter www.verizon.com in the Address field of your browser. The Verizon home page should display in your netbook's browser. [Show Me]

Privacy SettingsAccept CookiesAccept Cookies Network ConnectionsView Available Wireless NetworksSelect your wireless networkEnter WEP keyverizon.comRouter label SolutionDesc1=44995,44274

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