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FiOS Internet

 Installing a wireless adapter
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Connecting additional computers to a Verizon MI424WR wireless network in Windows XP

When adding computers to a wireless home network that includes a Verizon MI424WR router, you must have a wireless network adapter installed for each computer you're connecting to your home network.These network adapters receive and transmit the radio waves used to send and receive data.

If you purchased the wireless network adapters when you ordered your router, you may have received either D-Link or Westell adapters. You may use either of these adapters if you plan to use WEP encryption.

However, Verizon recommends using the strongest network encryption that is compatible with the devices connected to your network. In most cases that is WPA2 encryption. To use WPA2 or WPA encryption, you must upgrade your wireless network adapters to the ZyXEL G-220 or N-220.

Use the graphics below to select the type of wireless adapter(s) you are using for your home network.

ZyXEL G-220ZyXEL N-220 wireless adapter
ZyXEL G-220

ZyXEL N-220
Figure depicting D-Link wireless adapters
D-Link wireless adapters

Figure depicting Westell wireless adapters
Westell wireless adapters
Note: Only equipment provided by Verizon Online can be used with your Internet service. Verizon Online works with manufacturers to build custom equipment to ensure that they work with our services. This custom hardware is available only through Verizon Online.

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