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FiOS Internet

 Using the Power light to troubleshoot the Verizon 9100 EM router 
  1. Power light is off
    • The router isn't getting power.
    • Confirm that the power switch on the back panel of the router is in the "on" position.
    • If the Power light is still not green, check the connection between the power cord and the back of the Verizon router.
    • Check the green light on the power plug that is connected to the electrical outlet or power strip. If the light isn't illuminated, remove the power plug and plug it back in securely until the green light is illuminated
    • If the green light on the power plug is illuminated, the power switch is "on," but the Power light on the front panel of the router isn't illuminated, please contact Verizon Fiber Solutions Center.
  2. Power light is flashing red
    • The router is initializing. If the Power light doesn't display steady green after a minute, turn off the power switch on the back panel of the Verizon router for 45 seconds and then turn it back on.

  3. If the power light is now solid green but you can't connect to the Internet, continue with Troubleshooting Step 2.

  4. If the Power light still isn't illuminated, please contact the Verizon Fiber Solutions Center.

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