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FiOS Internet

Verifying the ONT is getting power The next troubleshooting steps will be done at the ONT which may be attached to your home or garage. Please take the following to the ONT:
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Flashlight (recommended)
  • Copy of these instructions (recommended)
  • If you're experiencing a FiOS phone issue, you may want to bring a corded phone.
Although the lines are grounded, do not attempt to open the ONT or test the lines during rain, a thunderstorm, or other hazardous weather conditions.

If there is a loud hum on the line, do not test the ONT. Contact Verizon for assistance.

Figure depicting Power light on ONT
  1. Using a flat-head screwdriver, remove the screw that holds the ONT cover closed. Check the status of the Power light.
    • If the power light is not lit, the ONT has lost power.
      • Confirm that the ONT is plugged securely into the AC outlet. The ONT may have been accidentally unplugged
      • .
      • Check the BBU for power. Your battery may not be properly connected.

    • If the green power light is on, the ONT has power. Check your service at the ONT to determine whether the problem is with the wiring or jacks inside your home.

    • If the power light is blinking, the ONT is operating in Battery mode. A fully charged battery provides up to eight (8) hours of power for your phone service during a power outage.

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