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Return Fios TV equipment

If you need to return equipment to Verizon, start by finding the reason you are returning your Fios TV equipment below.


  • Cancelled Verizon service
    Upon termination of the Service, or if the occupancy or ownership of your Premises changes, you are responsible for returning the Equipment to us in an undamaged condition, subject only to reasonable wear and tear. Failure to return any Equipment owned by us within 30 days as instructed by Verizon, or returning Equipment in a damaged condition (subject only to reasonable wear and tear), will result in the imposition of an Equipment fee that may be substantial.
  • Equipment is no longer needed
    If you have modified your service, you'll need to return the unneeded equipment to Verizon.

    Return unneeded Fios TV equipment
  • Equipment is broken
    If your equipment is not working, we'll try to fix the problem or we'll replace it. If we send you a replacement, you'll need to return the broken equipment to Verizon.

    Fix or replace broken Fios TV equipment

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