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Fios TV Installation

Your Verizon Fios TV trained Technician(s) will:
  • Install the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), if necessary. If you already have Verizon Fios Internet Service then you have an ONT installed.

  • Connect cables to your office coaxial splitter for Fios TV access.

  • Wire and connect the desired number of outlets in your office.

  • Install the specified number of Set Top Boxes.
  • Explain and demonstrate all Fios TV components to you.

  • Provide you with a Fios TV welcome kit and reference materials, as well as the Fios TV Terms of Service.

Depending on the area and your office's set-up, our technician(s) may or may not fish walls or move furniture when installing or replacing wiring or installing Set Top Boxes. The technician will determine the installation details with you on the install date.

Additional Fios TV Installation information


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