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FAQs about Widgets

FiOS TV Widget User Guide and Common questions.

How do I play VOD (Video on Demand) clips?
Select a VOD title then press Select/OK to begin playback.

How do I toggle between full screen and application view? 
To toggle between full screen and application view, press the FiOS TV button on your remote.

How much does the Widgets feature cost?
There is no additional cost for the Widgets feature. It is included as part of your FiOS TV subscription.

How do Widgets work?
You use your remote control to set up and view Widgets. Press the A button or the Widgets button depending on the remote control you have to display widgets under the TV program you're watching. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the various Widgets features.

Can I customize Widgets?
Yes. You can change to different areas of the country by using the "Change Location" feature.

Can I change channels while Widgets are displayed?
Yes, you can change channels using the Up and Down channel buttons. The number keys do not work while the Widget application is active.

Can I use Widgets while watching On Demand titles?
No. Widgets will not work while viewing On Demand programs.

When I enter a zip code, no traffic or weather information is available. Why?
Weather and traffic information is not available for all areas of the country. Please try another nearby location.



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