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Create a Favorite Channels list

Instead of scrolling to find your most-watched channels, you can create, edit and access your Favorite Channels list using your FiOS TV remote control:

  1. Using your remote, select the Menu button

    The Main Menu is displayed on your TV screen.
  2. Use the Arrow buttons to highlight Settings and press OK or Select
  3. Highlight System and press OK or Select
  4. Highlight Favorite Channels and press OK or Select
  5. Highlight Add/Remove Channels and press OK or Select
  6. Highlight a channel you want to include on your Favorite Channels list, press OK or Select. Repeat this step for all channels you want to include on your list.

    A heart-shaped icon appears next to each channel that you have selected to be in your Favorite Channels list.

    To deselect a channel, highlight the channel and press OK or Select. The heart-shaped icon disappears indicating that you've deleted it from your list.

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