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National Football League (NFL) Blackouts

The local and cable channels who currently own TV rights to air NFL games are:

  • CBS – Sunday Afternoon AFC Games (Regional)
  • FOX – Sunday Afternoon NFC Games (Regional)
  • NBC – Sunday Night Football (National)
  • ESPN – Monday Night Football (National)
  • NFL Network - Thursday Night & Saturday Night (National)
    Typically Thursday night and Saturday night games air later in the NFL season.


Sunday Regional Games

No regional home game can be televised locally if it is not sold out within 72 hours of game time. In some cases, the NFL may extend the deadline if the game is nearly sold out. In rare circumstances, deadlines have been extended to as little as 24 hours before of kick off.

  • Blackout Radius for Regional Games: The NFL considers the home market for an NFL team to be within a 75 mile radius of the home team’s city. The only exception to this is the home market for the Green Bay Packers which includes both Green Bay and Milwaukee.


National Games

Regional blackout rules do not apply to national games aired on NBC, ESPN, or the NFL Network. However, nationally aired games may be simulcast to the local markets of the two teams. For the home team to simulcast the game locally, the same 72-hour sellout deadline for regional blackouts applies.

  • Thanksgiving Games: Games played on Thanksgiving are nationally aired games.


Game Time Changes

During the last seven weeks of the NFL regular season, games originally scheduled for Sunday afternoon may be switched to either Sunday night, or in some cases, a game originally scheduled for 1:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, may be moved to 4:00 p.m. ET instead. The NFL does this so games that are considered to have significant fan interest can be repositioned so that more viewers can watch the game.


NOTE: Sports blackout rules change from time to time. As a general rule, if a game is blacked out in your area, always check your Interactive Media Guide to see if the game is airing on another FiOS TV channel.

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