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How do I upgrade my Set-Top Box to a DVR? If you are a current Verizon Fios TV subscriber, you can upgrade your Set-Top Box (STB) to a DVR by placing an order online.

Is Multi-Room DVR right for me?
Instead of swapping your STB for a DVR, you may want to consider upgrading to Multi-Room DVR if you have more than one TV in your home.

You can use your existing Verizon-provided Set-Top Box as part of your Fios TV setup with Multi-Room DVR.

By doing this, you get all the same features of a regular DVR, plus the added flexibility of the multi-room DVR access.

How is Multi-Room DVR different than a regular DVR?
Multi-Room DVR acts as the hub for your Fios TV viewing experience. With Multi-Room DVR you can:
  • Record programs on your DVR and then watch those programs on other TVs that are connected to compatible non-DVR Set-Top Boxes in your home.

  • Start watching a recorded program in one room. Hit Pause, then go to another room and pick up where you left off in the program.

What is the difference between Multi-Room DVR and Multi-Hub DVR?
Multi-Hub DVR is a feature of the Multi-Room DVR service that extends multi-room flexibility to households that have more than one DVR. With Multi-Room DVR, one DVR acts as the "Hub" DVR while other DVRs are Terminal DVRs. Regardless of which type of DVR has recorded programming, you can view recorded shows from any Set-Top Box in your home.

Learn more about:  Multi-Room DVR  | Multi-Hub DVR


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