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Crisis Information for Business Customers
Important Information for Verizon Residential Customers in Lower Manhattan

Verizon and its employees continue to extend our deepest sympathies during this difficult time. We want to assure you that we are enlisting every resource possible to quickly repair your Verizon service.

We hope the following information will be helpful as we restore your communication services:

Service Restoration Update - Information about progress being made to restore residential service in lower Manhattan.

Home Voice Mail Status - Updates on repair efforts and information about how customers in affected service areas can access voice mail.

Residential Support Center - If you're staying with friends or family or re-establishing your home communciations, this information will help you get back in touch.

Protect Your Home Phone Number(s) - Steps you can take to ensure your phone number(s) do not change as you relocate your residence.

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to the most common questions regarding Verizon service issues related to the events of September 11.

Contact Us - Specific contact information for customers on repairs, orders and more.
More Disaster Recovery Information