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Job Description                                   

Install, replace, repair and/or rearrange service drops, aerial, buried and underground cables, and associated inside/outside wiring (aerial and buried). Connect drops, local cables, and inside/outside wiring to a variety of terminals. Make various attachments to poles, buildings, etc., as required, using hand/motorized tools, following installation diagrams, work orders, service orders, AWAS (Laptop PC) and blueprints. Test and inspect to ensure that activities performed and all services installed function properly. Test cable air pressure systems and perform maintenance as required. Install fiber-optic cable to curb terminals. Perform maintenance splicing (copper/fiber). Perform cable pair recovers for new work orders. Maintain all analog/digital CXR systems (subscriber).  Perform such work under minimum supervision. Operate company vehicles.

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following: 


  • Read and interpret information provided by the service order, work order, AWAS (Laptop PC) and blueprints such as name, address of customer, and type of activities to be performed, using appropriate tools, equipment and supplies required.
  • Install, rearrange, change, repair and remove drops, cables, and associated wiring. Install private lines and circuits, and verify trouble-free continuity. The nature of this work is a variety of tasks with only general guidelines as to instructions, practices, and/or procedures in performing the work.
  • Use basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to determine the most practical way to bring wire from pole to building and how to run wire inside building.
  • Handle and climb ladders and poles, crawl under dwellings, work in attics, underground and other confined areas to adjust faulty equipment or wiring, using a variety of hand/motorized tools.
  • Work with customers to evaluate and suggest how to improve service, and make sales effort with all customers for network services and single line products. This work involves using tact and persuasion to influence the action and attitudes of customers.
  • Test cable air pressure systems and perform required maintenance.
  • Install and maintain fiber-optic cable to curb terminal.
  • Perform maintenance splicing on copper and/or fiber-optic cable.
  • Conduct cable pair recovery for non-work orders.
  • Maintain all analog/digital CXR systems for subscriber.
  • Make appropriate notations on service orders, work orders, blueprints, or other work documentation to indicate completion of work, including time spent, changes from original work requested, and charges for work completed, when appropriate. This may involve manual notations or entries to company work administration systems using automated entry and updates to records as required.

    Hourly rate for this PART - TIME position is $15.04 - $33.35.  Wage credit may be granted for related work experience, education and training.


Test Requirements:


Talent Skills Assessment

Field Operations Assessment

Technician SI



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Salary Information

Hourly Rate: $15.34 - $34.02