The candidate will have to be prepared to work in some or all of the below key areas:
Evaluate network technology in line with business developments and requirements, liaise with industry and internal Verizon subject matter experts. Turn this analysis into proposals for advanced technology usage that will ultimately lead to product enhancements and business improvements.
Lead design and developments in established or new business areas with the goal to generate new revenue, cut costs, improve margins and streamline business processes.
Lead /contribute to cross-functional teams in FOAs that involve new IP or Ethernet product technology. Actively develop or contribute to development of product and edge network designs in above areas.


Required is in depth experience with public and Enterprise IP networks, IP protocols (IPv4, IPv6), routing protocols (BGP), layer 2 protocols (Ethernet, MPLS), L2/L3 VPNs, QoS, LACP, BFD. First experience in cloud technology and virtualization will be a bonus.
A good understanding of financial business fundamentals will be beneficial, the willingness to self-develop in this area is mandatory. The candidate will have to demonstrate good Project Management skills, is self-organized, analytical and able to structure workload efficiently. Good experience with MS Office toolset and the ability to present and defend results is mandatory.
Excellent verbal and written skills for inter-organizational communications are a must.
Basic understanding of IT system architecture is required. The ability to think “holistically” (versus in silos) is key.
The will to learn and to explore new areas, to work in cross-functional teams (Marketing, IT, Network Planning) as well as a strong commitment for delivering results in a challenging environment is a prerequisite.
A university degree (BSc/MSc or equivalent) in a technical area (Mathematics/Computing/Electrical Engineering) is required.

Additional Qualifications


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