Overall purpose:

Verizon offers a service, named Assigned Client Engineering, to provide proactive technical services and administrative activities to our clients, while simultaneously providing the 24x7 operations team an escalation point for complex technical issues associated with client specific, customized solutions. The service is also leveraged to provide delivery of service for complex solutions that require specialized knowledge. This career offers qualified candidates an opportunity to play an important role in the service delivery success for one of Verizon strategic clients. The ACE is a dedicated person in a blended service delivery model that combines with shared personnel to provide our clients with a cost effective service provider solution that also maintains a personal touch to meet their specific needs. The ACE does perform a balanced role of administrative functions as well as reactive escalation support for investigating and resolving incidents and problems.


  • will support and engage with multiple clients, each with unique business operations. 
  • will partner with a peers of differing skills. 
  • will gain knowledge and experience of his/her clients in order to be the resident expert within Verizon on the client environmental architecture and maintains accurate and detailed documentation required for the successful support of the client environment. 
  • are backed by a 24x7 operations team who support many clients and focus on real-time monitoring, incident response, change execution, with compute and network infrastructure expertise.


You bring…

  • prior experience in a similar role and will be motivated to perform at a high level, seeking long term advancement within our organization.
  • a solid skillset in Linux as well as experience supporting application environments running on these platforms such as Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, MySQL, etc. 
  • a good knowledge of server hardware, compute virtualization technology, networking principles, and shell scripting. 
  • good interpersonal skills with good self-confidence and understand how to relate to our clients.

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