A Watch Engineer must be skilled in one of the following technical areas: ventilating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical work and heating plant maintenance. A working knowledge of the other areas is necessary. A Watch Engineer is required to start, operate, repair and maintain all types of central and package air conditioning plants used for controlling space temperature and humidity in telephone buildings.


Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:
A. Reviews and interprets work order forms, operating instructions, diagrams, building plans and mechanical equipment drawings.
B. Maintains and repairs refrigeration compressors, coils, valves, condensers, cooling towers, pumps and other associated cooling equipment.
C. Starts, operates, repairs and maintains various types of heating and air conditioning plants and associated equipment.
D. Maintains and repairs air handling equipment.
E. Installs, repairs and calibrates various makes of pneumatic and/or electric controls required for the operation of equipment and the control of temperature and humidity.
F. Maintains and repairs motor controllers and associated electrical equipment and control circuits.
G. Uses general and special tools, test meters, and gauges commonly used in connection with air conditioning, air handling and heating plant maintenance.
H. Repairs and maintains sump pumps and associated controls and other peripheral building equipment.
I. Performs inspections and makes repairs on equipment or systems as required by NYNEX/BELL ATLANTIC/VERIZON Practices and/or local ordinances.
J. Moves and/or lifts weight up to 100 pounds.
K. Cures for one or more building locating.
L. Travels from the building to another by public transportation or Company vehicle.
M. Works aloft from ladders, platforms, scaffolds and in high areas.
N. May be required to perform additional duties and tasks as required by the Company.


A. Tests - Results obtained in standard tests for this position must meet minimum requirements established by the Company, in accordance with Company policy.
B. Normal Medical Department authorization for this job except if previously taken and is still considered valid.
C. Previous technical or vocational schooling and/or experience in ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical work and heating plant operations and maintenance is desired.
D. In accordance with local laws and ordinance must have a valid refrigeration license and must be able to pass and obtain a certificate of fitness for one or all of the following: fire standpipe, sprinkler, welding, oil burner and air compressor operation. All certificates of fitness must be posted in work area. This is required in all New York City locations and some locations in the State Region.
E. Must possess a high-pressure steam license in one building location in Western area Upstate.
F. Must possess a valid driver's license and have a good driving record. This is required in Upstate, Mid State, onx, B/Q and N/S.
G. In areas where a valid driver's license is required, must obtain a Company driver's permit after placement in this job and prior to operating a motor vehicle on ' Company business. Driver's training is provided by the Company and must be successfully completed prior to issuance of the Company permit.
H. Ability to drive vehicles with standard transmission may be required in some locations except Manhattan, onx, ooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.
I. Satisfactory performance rating in present job.
J. Satisfactory attendance/punctuality record in present job.
K. Work assignments consist of the equivalent of five (5) tours Monday to Saturday, both include. Employees may be required to work evening and night tours on a rotational basis. Overtime, work on holidays and non-scheduled days will be required as needs of the business necessitate.

Salary Information

Hourly Rate: $10.88 - $40.35

Additional Information

Must Posses A -

  • Refrigeration machinery operation license issued by state of NY Fire Deptartment
  • Universal Technician Certification as designated by EPA regulations-40 CFR Part 82 Subpart H

Test(s) Required

Verizon Job Fit Test BTechnician Knowledge Test HReal Estate Field SI

Test Preview

Test Previews

Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Verizon is a Federal Contractor
  • Verizon requests veteran priority referrals
  • Verizon is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer M/F/Disability/Vet.