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Type: Flex View  |  Genre: Kids & Family,Anime & Animation  |  Year: 2012 Runtime: 01:26:31
DR. SEUSS' THE LORAX - A fantastical and wildly imaginative parable of conservation, this re-imagining of Dr. Seuss environmental fable features the v... Read More
Flex View
Type: Flex View  |  Genre: Comedy,Kids & Family  |  Year: 2003 Runtime: 01:22:16
DR. SEUSS' THE CAT IN THE HAT - Get ready for the fur to fly as Dr. Seuss' beloved tale comes to life in this live-action family film, starring Mike M... Read More
Flex View
Type: Flex View  |  Genre: Anime & Animation,...  |  Year: 2008 Runtime: 01:26:10
DR. SEUSS' HORTON HEARS A WHO! - A kindly elephant discovers a civilization living on a speck of dust and protects them from those who don't believe t... Read More
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Dr. Seuss  (Series)
Type: Series  |  Channel: 1723 - Semillitas TV  |  Genre: Children Airtime: Fri, Apr 25 03:00 PM
Type: Flex View  |  Genre: Comedy,Kids & Fami...  |  Year: 2000 Runtime: 01:45:00
Oscar winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer go to Whoville to bring the world's best-loved grump to life in this hilarious celebration of the true holid... Read More
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Type: Flex View  |  Genre: Kids & Family,Sci-...  |  Year: 1953 Runtime: 01:28:00
One of Hollywood's best fantasies, devised by Dr. Seuss, about a young boy who has a nightmare about a cruel piano teacher ruling over a land where ki... Read More
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Type: Flex View TV Shows  |  Genre: Reality TV  |  Year: 2012 Runtime: 01:00:00
The artists create original makeups inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Dr. Seuss classic, Sleep Book. Iconic producer Brian Grazer guest judges.
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Type: Flex View  |  Genre: Anime & Animation,...  |  Year: 2014 Runtime: 00:24:49
ILLUMINATION 7 MINI-MOVIE COLLECTION - 7 mini-movies starring your favorite characters from Despicable Me, HOP and Dr. Seuss' The Lorax come together ... Read More
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