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Spam Detector is a free tool available from Verizon Online that drastically reduces the amount of spam that you get. Spam Detector works by identifying, filtering, and then immediately deleting spam before it clutters your Inbox.


You can set up Spam Detector to save your spam messages before the tool permanently deletes them, allowing you to review spam messages removed from your Inbox. To learn more, review Verizon Online's Email Policies.


Customers who signed up after January 2001, Spam Detector is already activated. To activate or deactivate spam detector log into

  1. Click on Settings in the top webmail navigation
  2. Click on Email Settings in the left nav under General Settings
  3. Under Email Settings click on Spam Detector
In the Spam Detector screen you can either turn on or off Spam Detector as well as choose to save spam in the Spam Detector folder or delete it immediately upon receipt.

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