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  • How to Use Call Gate Using Call Gate for the first time You must initialize your service from your subscribing telephone before you can use Call Gateā„¢.

    1. Lift your receiver from your subscribing telephone and listen for a dial tone.

    2. Dial 1-800-527-7070, Verizon's Advanced Services.

    3. Listen to the recorded, automated instructions and select Call Gate.
      You will hear a special set-up message for new Call Gate customers. The message will guide you through the initial set-up of your service.

    4. Enter the last four digits of your subscribing telephone number as your temporary PIN.

    5. When asked, change your temporary PIN to a new permanent 4-digit PIN.

    6. Use the Call Gate Menu to create your list of allowed and blocked numbers.
      At this time, you can also customize your service by selecting Call Gate options.

    7. When finished, hang up your phone or press 0.

    8. Wait 10 minutes and test your service by trying to dial one of the numbers you blocked.
    If you forget or lose your PIN You can reset your PIN online. Changing your Call Gate settings
    1. Dial 1-800-527-7070 to access Verizon's Advanced Services from any touch tone phone.

    2. Enter the 10-digit telephone number of your subscribing telephone.

    3. Enter your Call Gate PIN.
    Main Menu
    • Press 12 to go to the Call Gate Menu.

    • Press 99 to change your PIN.

    • Press 0 to exit the system.
    Call Gate Menu
    • Press 1 to find out what options are currently activated on your phone.

    • Press 11 to allow outgoing calls.

    • Press 12 to block all outgoing calls.

    • Press 13 to permit outgoing calls only to numbers on your Allowed Numbers list.

    • Press 14 to block outgoing calls to numbers on your Blocked Numbers list while still permitting calls to your Allowed Numbers list.

    • Press 15 to block Long Distance, 900/700, and Audiotex calls.

    • Press 2 to set up, review or change International, Directory or Operator Assisted, or Emergency options.

    • Press 3 to set up, review, or change your Allowed Numbers list.

    • Press 4 to set up, review, or change your Blocked Numbers list.

    • Press 9 to return to the Call Gate Menu.

    • Press 0 to exit the Call Gate system.
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