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What is a TV tuner card?

A TV tuner card is a hardware component that lets you watch TV from a computer. Many TV tuner cards also let you record TV programs to your computer's hard disk.

TV tuners are available as a PCI-bus expansion card or a USB device that you plug into an available USB port on your computer.

Like other digital TV services, FiOS TV is compatible with TV tuner cards that support digital TV.

A cable-ready TV tuner card lets you watch unencrypted channels in the FiOS Local package from your computer. To receive Premium channels or La Conexión, your tuner card must be CableCARD compliant.

To determine if your tuner card is CableCARD compliant, review the documentation that came with your computer or tuner card. If there is a DCR (Digital Cable Ready) label on your computer or tuner card, then your tuner card is CableCARD compliant.

Learn more about TV tuner cards


FiOS Customers seeking support should contact their TV tuner card manufacturer.

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