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FiOS TV features - Frequently Asked Questions How do I find out about future programming?
You can find future programming on the IMG, which lets you search for shows by day and time, title, actor or topic, or category (such as sports, comedy, or music). The IMG "TV Listings" displays a list of the programs available to watch at the present time and up to 14 days in the future.

What is On Demand?
On Demand from FiOS TV is programming available for you to watch anytime - and includes movies, TV shows, premium channel content, and other programming. Verizon FiOS TV provides a large library of On Demand titles and has programming defined into categories such as:
  • Kids Free
  • All Free
  • Movies
  • Subscriptions
  • Events
  • Adult
Programs provided for a fee can be ordered through the FiOS TV IMG and the charges will appear on your monthly bill.

Can I order Pay-Per-View (PPV) or other special event programming?
Yes. Verizon FiOS TV lets you see the latest PPV movies, shows, and events in a couple of easy steps with your remote. PPV programs may be watched at the specific show time, or if you have a DVR, you may be able to record a PPV program to view at a later time. Due to certain copyright restrictions, the DVR may not be able to record all PPV programs.

How do I filter out adult content or PPV channels?
Verizon FiOS TV Parental Controls lets you block access to shows either by channel or rating. You can also selectively block PPV and On Demand purchases, and choose to show or hide adult programming from the TV Listings. When programs with a particular rating level are blocked, the FiOS TV IMG automatically blocks the higher ratings. You can create a PIN to ensure that controls won't be changed without your approval, and only those with the user-defined PIN can access the blocked content.

Does Verizon FiOS TV offer programming in languages other than English?
Yes. We offer La Conexión, a digital package which includes the most popular Spanish language and English language channels. If you choose to purchase FiOS TV Premier, which features predominantly English programming, you may elect to purchase the add-on Spanish Language Package which contains all Spanish digital channels.

In addition, we offer many premium international channels that are individually priced. Whether you want programming in Chinese or Russian, Farsi or Italian, we most likely have an option for you.

Does Verizon FiOS TV offer music channels?
Yes. Currently, we provide 47 Music Choice channels and 48 Urge Radio channels for customers who lease a Set-Top Box.

Do you offer programming in High Definition (HD) TV?
Yes. You can experience HD picture quality with Verizon FiOS TV. All you need is an HD TV and either the HD Set-Top Box or HD DVR. We currently offer an extensive lineup of local, national, and premium HD programming, and will continue to expand our HD channel lineup as new content becomes available.

Shows offered in HD are identified in the IMG "TV Listings" by the HD symbol at the end of the program description.


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