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Verizon at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2018:  What 5G WILL be


It was a fast paced first day at GSMA Mobile World Congress. The industry is clearly moving away from discussions about what 5G could be and towards what 5G WILL be.

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Nicola Palmer

MWC 2018: Verizon Executives share their thoughts

Browse articles of Executive insights from the 2018 Mobile World Congress industry show in Barcelona, Spain.

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Hans Vestberg on the 5G opportunity

Hans Vestberg talks to CNBC Europe on how Verizon can collaborate and work with our most innovative and aggressive partners to fuel the 5G ecosystem.

Verizon at MWCA 2017 - A world of first

Photo of Mobile World Congress Conference
Photo of Ronan Dunne at MWC

Ronan Dunne on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“A Fourth Industrial Revolution is blurring the lines between physical and digital. Everything that can be connected will be.” 

Autonomous vehicles aren’t here just yet — but they’re the future

Kelly Frey on the five development stages of the autonomous car.

As we move toward autonomous vehicles, we need to get to more robust networks with lower latency.

Kelly Frey

What you missed at #MWCA17

From IoT to smart cities, here are our takeaways from Verizon’s conversations at #MWCA17.

IoT gets down to business

Our comprehensive IoT report dives into the growth and potential of how the Internet of Things will make lives easier, safer and more efficient. 

Featured Speakers

photo of Nicki Palmer
Nicki Palmer
Senior Vice President and Chief Network Officer
Our network is an absolute beast! It is so resilient and so layered.
Photo of Ronan Dunne
Ronan Dunne
Executive Vice President and Group President of Verizon Wireless
That north star for us as a business is to turn connectivity into possibilities for everyone.
Photo of Rose Kirk
Rose Kirk
President of the Verizon Foundation and Vice President of Global Corporate Citizenship
Verizon’s 5G wireless technology will open up new waves of innovation that will redefine the education sector, elevate living standards and have a profound and lasting impact on children’s lives.
Photo of Kelly Fray
Kelly Frey
Vice President of Product Marketing, Verizon Telematics
As a company we’ve got internal leadership that’s bringing the teams together in a way that I never thought a company this big could do.
Photo of Mark Bartolomeo
Mark Bartolomeo
Vice President Connected Solutions – Internet of Things
In 2017, advancements in technology have made IoT enterprise-grade, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.