Descriptive Video Service

Fios TV delivers Descriptive Video Services (DVS), when available from the video broadcast provider. DVS audio provides a narrative description of key visual elements that can aid visually-impaired viewers to better understand the program. Turning on the DVS feature enables a voice description of visual activities happening during the broadcast video through spoken voice, and as offered through the audio portion of the TV program.

Fios TV customers can take advantage of these services, when available from the broadcast provider, through the Fios set-top secondary audio program (SAP) functionality. DVS may be enabled via the Fios set-top menu:

Settings >   System >   Accessibility >   DVS >   ON

Accessible Emergency Information

Fios TV makes emergency information available aurally via the Secondary Audio Program (SAP) whenever content providers include this information in their programming content.

This information is accessed by activating SAP via the program menu:

Settings >   Audio & Video >   Audio >   Audio Selection

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