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Fios TV Text to Speech

Text to Speech functionality for the Fios TV on-screen guide can enhance accessibility for customers with visual or other disabilities. Text to Speech provides an audible voice readout of on-screen text, such as menu and guide data. This feature can be enabled or disabled via the on-screen guide.

How to enable Text to Speech

Text to Speech functionality is available on most Verizon set-top boxes. Follow these steps to enable the feature via the settings menu:

  1. First go the Menu
  2. Next go to Settings
  3. Then go to System
  4. Go to Accessibility
  5. Enable Text to Speech

If you need help getting the Text to Speech feature to work on your set-top box, contact us anytime at 1-800-Verizon (1-800-837-4966). One of our skilled representatives can enable the feature for you remotely.

Set-top box compatibility

If you have a disability and feel you would benefit from Text to Speech but have a set-top box that isn’t compatible with this functionality, you can swap your set-top box for a compatible alternative at no charge. If you need help installing new equipment, a Verizon technician will assist you at no charge.