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Ask a recruiter: Help! How do I video interview?

By: Verizon Careers

Verizon recruiters offer tips to help you prep.


Not too long ago we announced our “Ask a recruiter” series, giving our readers the opportunity to write in and pose questions. One theme that keeps popping up is about video interviews, what’s it like, how to prepare and how to present your best self. There are two types of video interviews: live and on-demand — we’ll focus on this second, sometimes called pre-recorded, option. Verizon uses video for some interviews, but not all, and while our favorite tips definitely help, getting ready for the camera requires a little extra attention. Here’s our best advice:


  1. Check your tech! Although this may not happen often, it is important to do a full test run ahead of time. That means making sure that your equipment is working correctly and all your apps and plugins are up to date. Try video conferencing a friend to double check each component and ensure your connection is strong enough. Knowing your system is fully functional will put your mind at ease when the real moment comes.​​
  2. Clear the clutter. Start by charging up your device and limiting the interruptions. Once you’ve turned off all the notifications, take a look around the room and get rid of anything that the interviewer might find distracting. Personal photos, piles of laundry, empty water bottles, knick-knacks, etc. Keep the focus on you throughout the interview, by creating (or finding) a clean, well-curated space.
  3. Lighting, sound and framing matter. Think about the TV shows or movies you watch. Typically, the rooms are bright and airy, the characters project loudly and enunciate their words, and each shot is carefully staged for maximum impact. Set your stage to frame your face with light (natural, if possible) and eliminate any background noise that might make you hard to hear.
  4. Dress the part. Once you ready your space, ready yourself. It’s tempting to dress down since the interview isn’t happening IRL, but first impressions count whether you’re in the same room or behind a screen. Treat this opportunity like you would an in-person interview and make the effort to look your best.
  5. Read through everything before hitting record. Instructions, questions (if provided), etc. This is your time to shine so don’t skip over the important details. By knowing what’s expected, you can practice, practice and practice some more. Since you won’t be able to go back and clarify, make sure to provide as much detail as possible for each question. It’s not about sounding rehearsed, but rather confident and self-assured. ​​

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