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Now more than ever before.

Powered by innovations like 5G and AI, we’re connecting cities, towns, and people with the technologies and networks of the future. As a Verizon Cybersecurity expert, you’ll be on the front lines, helping detect, defend and respond to the latest threats.

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Cybersecurity career areas

Security operations

Detect, defend and respond to cyber threats. Roles include: threat monitoring, hunting and intelligence, penetration testing, red teaming and vulnerability management.


Managed security & consulting

Protect and manage cyber resilience for Verizon’s private and public sector customers. Roles include: network, systems, applications and operational security (architecture, engineering and analysis).

Infrastructure security

Design, build and operate secure Verizon networks and systems. Roles include: network, systems and cloud security (5G, IoT, IAM, SSO, firewalls).

Security risk management & transformation

Design and manage risk programs to strengthen Verizon’s security posture. Roles include: strategy, transformation, vendor risk, GRC, education and awareness, audit, and program and project management.

Application security

Develop and ensure safe Verizon applications and tools. Roles include: application security development, secure coding, mobile applications, data science, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

The industry looks to us.

Get insights from our experts in the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) – unparalleled intelligence in the area of cybersecurity threats.

“Because Verizon is a critical infrastructure provider, I get the opportunity to work on problem sets at a level rarely encountered.”

- Verizon Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

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