Welcome to our new Dublin office. Eastpoint was recently renovated to accommodate our new supply chain services team. A majority of the employees in this office are locals, who have a wide range of experience working for Irish companies; many employees from the US are also present. Eastpoint is a fantastic office space and has an open layout: meeting rooms, booths, focus rooms and work pods. The office has floor-to-ceiling windows and offers panoramic views of the Dublin mountains.

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What's nearby 

  • There’s a lot of shopping in Dublin, and the areas around Grafton Street and Henry Street are particularly noted for it.
  • The Dublin Food Co-op is an excellent destination for finding organic and whole-food products.
  • There’s plenty of live music in Dublin’s thriving music scene, and you can catch a great band in one of the city’s many clubs or on the streets.

Dublin Airport is located north of the city. The M50 motorway runs around the city and connects it to important national roads. Buses and trains serve the greater Dublin area.


  • Enjoy the convenience of the on-site child care and the nearby gym in Clontarf.
  • Several restaurants, cafes and sandwich bars are conveniently located on-site.
  • An open-air market takes place periodically, offering a wide variety of foods right by the office.