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Lost or Stolen Phone

Equipment protection can help you repair or replace your device if it's ever lost, stolen, damaged or defective after the manufacturer warranty expires. 

If your device is lost or stolen: 

First, try to locate your phone by calling it from another phone or by using the GPS locator if you have one installed. (You can download a GPS locater from your phone's app store.)

If you’re certain your phone has been lost or stolen: 

  • Contact Verizon Wireless right away at 800.922.0204. Or, login to My Verizon to suspend service and report your lost or stolen device. You can also contact your local police department to report the theft.
  • If you have anti-theft software installed on your device, such as Verizon Mobile Security, use it to lock your device and wipe it of any sensitive information. 
  • Change the passwords to any personal accounts you may have accessed from your device – these include any email, online banking, shopping and social networking accounts. 
  • If you are enrolled in Total Mobile Protection Coverage or another Wireless Phone Protection program, contact Asurion customer service at 888.881.2622 to file an insurance claim.