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Wireless Emergency Alerts

We make it a priority to keep communities informed of imminent threats to safety – and to alert them to missing persons in their area – by using Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs). 

WEAs are free wireless notifications delivered to WEA-enabled mobile devices as part of a public safety system in conjunction with federal, state and local authorities. 

There are three types of WEAs:

  • Presidential Alerts: These alerts issued by the president can include news of national concern.
  • Imminent Danger Alerts: These alerts can warn you of extreme weather or other threats to safety.
  • AMBER Alerts: These alerts notify the community of abducted children or other missing persons who may potentially be sighted in the local area.

You may opt out of Imminent Danger and Amber Alerts through the Settings menu on your device, but you may not opt out of Presidential Alerts per federal mandate.