Fiber Optic Technology

KDDI Japan customers will use VoLTE service while traveling in the United States

It has an impact on nearly everything we do, yet it often goes unnoticed.
Unlike a bridge, a new expressway, or a park, all of which are easy to see a


Earlier this week, the New York Times had a story about the benefits of fiber, entitled “For the Tech-Savvy With a Need for Speed, a Limited Choice

Verizon offers raises to 38,000 employees

Copper has served the communications needs of the country well for more than 100 years, but in many instances the better option today is fiber optics.


I can remember my parents teaching me about the importance of the greater good as a child.  “It’s not all about you” and “you get along by going along


Having already passed the 50 milestone in my life, you’ll have a hard time convincing me that 75 is going to be even better, but I’m willing to give i


While today’s classrooms may look and feel the same as they had the day we first stepped into one, in today’s digital age it’s beginning to look a lot


Listen to, and watch Dr. David Samadi, the head of robotic surgery at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York, in this video talk about the marriage of t


In nearly 34 years in the communications industry, I’ve never seen a community have its telecommunication infrastructure wiped away like the western s

Digital waves encircling the globe

Traffic carried between New York and Boston on Verizon’s ultra-long-haul network using Ciena Coherent Optics


A few weeks ago, we talked about the history of Fiber and how it is fueling our technological revolution in our first episode of the Bandwidth Effect.