Fiber Optic Technology


As societal and technological advances continue growing at an increasingly rapid pace, it’s easy to forget what actually powers our robust  technology


Latest initiative marks third consecutive year the two companies have set industry records


In a big city like New York, it’s a “micro” idea that’s making news these days. Verizon reached an agreement with the City of New York to conduct a pi


Today, I have the pleasure of participating in an FCC workshop exploring in more detail the FCC’s “Gigabit Cities Challenge.”


Today the FCC will hold its first workshop in its proceeding on technology transitions. My colleague Tom Maguire will appear on one of the panels


They say good things come in threes. In our case, today marks the third time that FiOS has topped the charts in the FCC’s “Measuring Broadband America


Modernized and more resilient, Lower Manhattan’s telecommunications network Is ‘Verizon Strong’

Modernizing Lower Manhattan with Fiber Optics Post-Sandy

Yesterday, Verizon filed comments [PDF] at the FCC with recommendations for how the FCC should approach the ongoing transition from the legacy, voice public switched telephone network of the past.

Verizon technicians install fiber-optic cable in lower Manhattan. (Mark Von Holden/AP Images for Verizon)

Less than seven weeks after Hurricane Sandy, Verizon has finalized another important step in the transformation of the communications infrastructure of lower Manhattan.


In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, recovery efforts are ongoing throughout the Northeast. Communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island remain in need of assistance