Internet & Communications Policy

Clouds above government building

The Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Microsoft will likely leave questions unanswered. That’s why Congress must act.


The FCC voted today to open a proceeding that proposes to reverse the treatment of broadband services as common carriage services subject to utility regulation under Title II.


With falling prices, exploding demand, significant investment, boundless consumer choice and innovation, all signs point to a competitive market.


Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai today outlined a plan to reverse the FCC’s 2015 decision to apply Title II utility regulation to broadband.


There’s a lot that federal, state and local policy leaders can do to drive broadband investment and adoption in 2017. Here are a few ideas.


Through the Internet Governance Forum, stakeholders from around the world come together to formulate policies that address the needs of the internet community.

Verizon’s Technology & Policy Center in Washington D.C.

Policy experts, federal & local government officials gathered to discuss Smart Communities at Verizon’s Technology & Policy Center in Washington D.C.

Thinking outside the box

Changes in technology and consumer demand are leading us to move beyond the box.

A big week for IoT news

Verizon released its IoT report, and the NTIA is looking for ways to help boost the growth of IoT.

A compromise that nnables networks of the future

A proposed solution to the decade-old debate about business broadband.