Spectrum Matters

Off to the races

The FCC voted today to open the gates to vast swaths of spectrum that will be essential for next-generation 5G technology to become a reality.

Chairman Wheeler’s plan paves the way for 5G

Today, FCC Chairman Wheeler announced a 5G policy framework that would make American consumers the first to experience the 5G future.

FCC Workshop Demonstrates the 5G Future

The race to 5G is on, and its future potential is unbounded.

5G is the driving force at 2016 Mobile World Congress

Strong FCC leadership in spectrum policy will kickstart America’s 5G future.

Small Cells

Through cooperation and process modernization, communities can help facilitate the rapid deployment of 5G infrastructure.

The 5G future is closer than you think

In the last decade, advances in how we communicate have redefined what it means to “be online.” Consumers are ditching desktops and laptops for sleek, handheld devices.

MOBILE NOW - The Senate bill that could save the Internet

The MOBILE NOW Act would free up much-needed spectrum and alleviate the coming “spectrum crunch.”


We’re on the cusp of another wave of real disruptive innovation for consumers and our industry.


Both chambers held hearings discussing the importance of spectrum to consumers, the economy, and our national competitiveness.


Yesterday, Verizon Executive Vice President of Public Policy and General Counsel Craig Silliman discussed spectrum policy and the future of mobile connectivity at the International Institute of Communications conference in Washington, DC. Below are his excerpted remarks.