The “This is (5G) L.A.” Edition

By: Jeffrey Nelson

In this final BETA (and secret) version of the weekly update, Sheryl Crow croons the news: This is (5G) L.A.! That’s right, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam announced this week in an interview with David Faber on CNBC that Los Angeles is joining Sacramento . . . and now you know 2 of the 4 initial launch cities for 5G wireless technology from the nation’s most reliable wireless network. Keeping it real, RootMetrics just issued their most recent reports on the best wireless networks in Boston and Washington, D.C. Any surprises? Nope.

We’re leading into Memorial Day with several initiatives . . . Gabe Esposito discusses Verizon’s long-standing relationship with first responders, Police Week and the National Law Enforcement Museum now being built in Washington . . . Tami Erwin honors military moms and shares the 16 winners of the #VZMilitaryMoms $1,000 tech shopping spree. . . honoring military widows on Mother’s Day in Atlanta . . . and see how Verizon supports vets (and vets support Verizon) – in a million ways.

And from around the country this week . . . Mother’s Day gift ideas from Chicago and Lubbock (it’s Mother’s Day in my family every day!), a smartwatch battle in Baltimore, a behind-the-scenes look at Verizon’s emergency management center in Kansas City, and more.

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Featured Newsroom Stories

Featured Newsroom Stories
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Verizon Chairman & CEO Lowell McAdam names Los Angeles as 2018 5G market

Verizon said it plans to deploy 5G technology in Los Angeles starting in the fourth quarter of 2018. Los Angeles is the second city Verizon has identified as part of its 3-5 market 5G deployment plans, first announced in November 2017. Verizon previously announced Sacramento would be a 5G city.

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Verizon in the national and international news

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