15,000 Inspirations in a Greener Network

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Jessica Shih
Planting trees in Newark NJ

Verizon has one of the world’s largest employee green teams. Recently, we celebrated gaining our 15,000th team member by planting an additional 5,000 trees in partnership with American Forests. There is good reason to celebrate, as our Green Team consists of many active members who have helped create or contribute to Verizon’s sustainability programs, including tree-planting events. 

For example, our MAGIC Bus program stemmed directly from our Green Team. The idea has led to the creation of a fleet of 25 MAGIC buses in New York, which is helping to reduce city traffic and saving 70,000 gallons of gas annually.

Each day, our Green Team is dedicated to helping minimize our environmental impact and reducing our consumption of natural resources. Verizon’s sustainability programs and their benefits include:

  • 67,000 Trees -- Verizon’s Smart Print program combines offices to route to a single printer. Since 2010, it has saved 515 million pages, which is equivalent to 67,000 trees.
  • 15,000 Tons of Paper -- Verizon began its White Paper program in 2010 to remove local white pages from phone directories, resulting in more than 15,000 tons of paper avoided annually.
  • 87,000 Trees Planted -- In honor of our Green Team, Verizon has planted more than 87,000 trees to date.

From investing in clean and renewable energy, to planting tens of thousands of trees, to recycling tons of eWaste and providing electric vehicle charging stations to our employees – Verizon is committed to a greener tomorrow. With the help, creativity and inspiration of our Green Team, we are certain to get there.