16 Green Events in 15 States

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Jessica Shih
Verizon Employees Are Celebrating 'Make A Difference Day' Through Volunteer Work at 16 Events Across 15 States.
The Green Team

The Verizon Green Team, along with friends and families, have been volunteering to clean up, green up and recycle at 16 Fall 4 Green events in 15 states. So far, employees have contributed over 130 service hours at these events, which include tree plantings, trash pickup, trail work, and restoration work at parks, coasts, rivers and communities.

On Make A Difference Day, Oct. 25, Verizon Green Team members will conclude their 16th Fall 4 Green event by planting flowers and shrubs around Wills Park in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Verizon’s commitment to making a difference continues. Following the Fall 4 Green events, the Verizon Green Team will kick off its winter engagement efforts including Nature Abounds’ Ice Watch and Watch the Wild. Employees will observe local wildlife habitats and signs of climate change and report their observations to Nature Abounds, a nonprofit organization that aims to protect the environment.

Making a Difference Year-Round

The Verizon Green Team represents employee-volunteers in 27 different countries, all united by their passion for protecting our environment. Since the team’s inception in 2009, members have participated in more than 500 volunteer events, including habitat cleanups, tree plantings and recycling rallies.

After collecting over 127,400 pounds of e-waste at eight Recycling Rallies, Verizon is closer to meeting its goal of recycling 2 million pounds by the end of 2015.

In 2014, the Green Team met its goal of signing up its 15,000th member. Verizon pledges to plant a tree for each person who joins the Green Team; in celebration of the 15K milestone, the Green Team will plant 5,000 additional trees.